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Article by: Mbithi
Last Modified: 2016-03-05 09:59:09

Solution: Reset Absorber Full - MFC J870D

Absorber full
If you arrived here, you probably have the same problem that I experienced a few days back and it took me alot of search to get this solution. I have a Brother J870Dw. Very nice printer. The other day I was greeted with the ugly message: "Absorber full"

Steps to fix Absorber full on Brother J870D

  1. Press "Home Icon" on the touch pad for few seconds - say 10
  2. You will see: (a) serial No (b) Rom version(c) Print Page and a blank row
  3. press and hold the blank space for a few seconds (should see keypad)
  4. press *2864
  5. press 80 then on lcd press "<<" til you see " Scan / copy /fcc /funk"
  6. Use up/down on lcd to look for "Sen Purge" and "purge"
  7. On reaching "purge", press 2783
  8. press 80 to go back and confirm if all is well.
  9. press 2780
  10. press 99 to save and exit

The ugly message will go away and allow you to continue printing. By the way, its not so ugly, you need to clear ink tampons that inside your printer. If you continue printing without clearning the Absorbers, you risk damaging your printer and smearing ink all over your work area!!

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[2016-03-06] Yanick says:
This is very helpfull

[2016-04-03] serge says:
Je ne sais pas comment vous pouvez bloquer mon adresse

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