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Article by: Victor Moses
Last Modified: 2016-03-21 14:49:32

Method 1: How to Reset Firefox to default settings

Firefox is a nice browser that is increasingly becoming popular. If you haven't tried it, here is a free Firefox download link.

Most likely, you landed here because you already use Firefox and want to reset Firefox to default settings. I wrote this after I found out that resetting Firefox to default settings was not like in Internet Explorer. Lets begin resetting Firefox to default settings. Follow the steps outlined below:

Steps: How to reset Firefox to default settings

  1. First, close all open Firefox sessions. If not done, the rest of the process will fail.
  2. Check for Firefox default installation directory here

    Possible installation locations.
  3. Launch command prompt by typing "cmd" on the search box:
  4. Right-click "cmd.exe" and chose to run it with Administrator privileges
  5. In the command prompt, enter the command cd followed by installation path of your Firefox as identified previously:

    Enter: cd "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ " and hit 'enter'
  6. Next write: Firefox -safe-mode and press 'enter'.

    A window entitled "Firefox Same Mode", click on Refresh Firefox button and on the next window that pops up, click on "Refresh Firefox" to complete.
  7. Firefox reset process will begin.
  8. Process complete!

Method 2: How to reset Firefox to default settings

You can also follow this method, if you are trying to accomplish this on a laptop or a desktop:

  • Open this page and click "Refresh Firefox"

    Method 3: How to reset Firefox to default settings

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