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Article by: Charles M.
Last Modified: 2016-03-05 10:57:58

Solution:How to install Zeroshell in Hard drive [WinXP] also applies to Windows 7/Vista

After suffering so much in trying the above, I have finally found an easy way to do just that and thought I would share this with others. The following procedure will help you install Zeroshell in your Harddisk and enjoy this powerfull creation by Fulvio.

Zeroshell Installation Requirements
  • Physdiskwrite - a nice utility for writing images to hdds - grab it from http://m0n0.ch/wall/physdiskwrite.php.
  • Winrar or any other unzip utility to unzip. Windows has inbuilt unzip mechanism too.
  • Zeroshell 1GB image for IDE, SATA USB disks - download it from http://zeroshell.net/eng/download/.
  • Target IDE/SATA or e USB - get from your old PC or get on off e-bay.com.
  • A working Windows Xp /Vista or Windows 7 installation - Basically your PC.
  • External Harddisk reader: If you don't want to open you PC and connect your drive as a slave, then you need some hardware to read your hdd over USB.
Install/Burn Zeroshell Image to Harddisk

I prefer that before you start installing Zeroshell to your HDD, you first re-login as administrator.

  1. Create a folder "c:\tmp" in your working Windows Xp/visa/7 PC
  2. Download physdiskwrite and Zeroshell image. Both files are compressed.
  3. Unzip the two files and move their contents to c:\tmp. See figure below:
    Zeroshell installation - c:\tmp
  4. VERY IMPORTANT - note the serial number and model of your target harddisk - you will thank me for that!
    Zeroshell installation - Model and Serial No.
  5. Connect the harddisk to your system as a slave ( you will need to shutdown your system and connect your harddrive). If you have an external harddisk reader, then this is the time to connect it to your system and make sure your PC recognizes it.
    Zeroshell installation - External HDD Reader
  6. Launch command prompt:
    > Xp/Vista : Click "start" then "run" then type "cmd" and click "ok" to launch Command prompt.
    > Windows 7: Click "start" then "All Programs" then "Accessories" then right click the "Command Prompt" then "run as administrator" then confirm action in the following window.

    Run as administrator
  7. Change directory to "c:\tmp" - cd / then cd tmp
  8. Type physdiskwrite.exe -u ZeroShell-1.0.beta13-CompactFlash-IDE-USB-SATA-1GB.img and you will see the following:
    Zeroshell installation - command prompt.


  9. Select you target harddisk by matching the Model and serial number you recorded earlier, with the list of devices found and enter the corresponding number e.g: if device if PhysicalDrive1, enter 1.
  10. Confirm writting. At this point your Zeroshell image will be transfered to your harddisk in a few seconds.
  11. If you connected your harddisk as a slave, then shutdwon your system and remove the hdd. If on the other hand you connected it via some USB adaptor, safely stop and remove the USB device.
  12. Connect your harddisk in your target system as a master and boot your Zeroshell! You are done!

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Reader Comments

[2010-08-30] Christof says:
Thank you very much, it works!

[2010-09-20] Aaron says:
Thanks a million for your post! This has finally allowed me to install zeroshell on HD. The gunzip > /dev/hda1 just doesn\'t work.

[2010-09-25] Admin says:
Thanks Aaron,

[2010-11-09] Arshad says:
Helloo sir i want to learn about zeroshell will u plz give me some notes of zeroshell 1.0.beta i m waitin ur reply

[2010-12-17] funnykishi says:
thanks a ton brother struggling from hours to do that nice method

[2011-01-26] Kirill says:
Thanks Aaron ! Very very help me

[2011-03-20] nik says:
100% working method, joy at last!!!

[2012-01-07] Eric Marcus says:
No problems booting, now I have to figure out how to use the software! Thanks for your work on this!

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