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Article by: Vincent Mwakesi
Last Modified: 2016-03-18 12:43:02

How to Set Bandwith Limit on a Mikrotik Router

Mikrotik router is a feature rich morder router that is now significantly common in the market. The router has many features such us hotspot service, Graphing, per IP bandwidth management among many other options.

Steps to Configure per IP bandwidth on a Mikrotik Router

Its not very complicated . First we need a few things:

  • A windows computer of course
  • Winbox.exe - a utility for configuring mikrotik routers
  • A cup of tea (kidding!)

    Supposing you want to limit bandwidth usage on a your neighbours laptop whose IP is Say, you want to set 1400k up and 1500k down.
    Double click the winbox.exe and login to the router.

  • Click on "queues"
  • Click on "simple queues"
  • Click on the "+" ()sign to add a rule
  • Click on "general"
  • Under "Name", enter the name of your neighbour (can be anything e.g: Toms Laptop)
  • Under "targe", enter the IP address of Tom (
  • Under "Max Limit" (target upload) enter Upload limit for Tom (eg: 1400k)
  • Under "Max Limit" (target Download) enter Download limit for Tom (eg: 1500k)

  • Click "OK" to save the setting. You should see the saved configuration as shown below:

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    [2017-08-12] ipkwena says:
    Thank you Vincent for the rather concise but effective guide. I have managed to follow each step and achieved the expected outcome. Regards.

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