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Article by: Charles M.
Last Modified: 2016-03-05 10:57:58

Solved: Find, Install Windows XP Drivers Easily

You can find Windows drivers you are looking for easily by following simple steps outlined here. I have used this method in countless PCs in the company I work for. The company has over 400 PC and they keep on purchasing new PCs with every new requirement.. In a nutshell, you will download compressed drivers, extract them into a folder, burn the folder into an ISO image, mount the image on a virtual CD/DVD drive and finally have Windows XP search and install drivers from your virtual driver CD.

Windows XP Driver installation requirements

You will require the following tools:

With these, you are set to start the process.

Windows XP Driver Installation : Step-by-Step instructions

We will split the process into 4 phases. These steps will be carried out in the system you wish to install drivers. If the target system does not have network drivers, you might have to download the files in another system, then transfer the files using your USB Key (flash disk) . Lets start the process!

    Phase 1: Download and install Utility programs.

  1. Download and install the above required programs. Daemon Tools will require reboot.
  2. Create a working folder, in our case c:\XPdrivers

    Phase 2: Download compressed Windows XP drivers, extract them and create ISO image

  3. Download drivers corresponding to your system (either x64bit or x84bit) from http://driverpacks.net/driverpacks/latest. Downloaded files will have the extenstion .torrent. See 'How to Download With Torrent Files' you will need to get a bittorrent client to download the drivers.
    Windows XP drivers from www.driverpacks.net
    Only download drivers you need.
  4. Uncompress the files using Winrar to c:\XPdrivers.
    Extracted Windows XP drivers
    Extract all Windows XP drivers in one folder e.g: C:\XPdrivers
  5. Now, using you favourite CD image (ISO image) creation program, burn the folder c:\XPdrivers in to a CD image and save the resulting .iso file.
    Create .iso image of Windows XP drivers
    Creating .iso image with 'free ISO Creator'

    Phase 3: Mount newly created Windows XP driver CD image and install drivers

    Find detailed instructions on using Daemon Tools here

  6. Right-click the Daemon Tools icon near the date & time indicator on the bottom right part of you screen and select drive then mount image
    Mount .iso image of Windows XP drivers
    Mount .iso image using Daemon Tools
  7. Browse to the location of the CD Image .iso file created in phase 2 above and your CD will appear in "My Computer" as if you inserted a real CD.

    Phase 4: Windows XP driver installation

  8. To setup the drivers in the virtual CD, right-click the 'My Computer' icon on the desktop and click on 'Properties', then select 'Device Manager'
     Windows XP drivers - yellow question mark
    Usually a device with missing driver will have a yellow question mark next to it.
  9. Right click on one of the devices with yellow question mark next to it and click on 'update driver'. Always start with Chipset for best results.
  10. In the following window, select "install the software automatically"
     Windows XP drivers - install driver automatically
    Install software automatically
  11. Click on 'next' and Select to search in CD Drive. Windows will start searching for drivers. This process my take some time given the number of drivers in the virtual CD. So be patient.
     Windows XP drivers - drivers installed!
    Drivers finished installing
  12. Once driver is find and installed, repeat the same steps on each device with yellow question mark to install all windows Xp drivers you need.

You should be able to find most of the drivers you need. http://www.driverpacks.net has pretty much all the drivers out there. Don't forget to burn Windows XP driver image file to a real CD/DVD for future use. Share this Driver Article


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Reader Comments

[2010-09-29] ph0ng says:

[2010-11-07] abrar ahmed says:
hello i am Abrar this is very helpful because i am doing job in Saudi Arabia and my job is formatting and driver installation if u have any another tip plz give me thanks thanks

[2011-08-09] Ashok Kumar Sharma says:
Dear Abrar, Hi, How are you I am having Dell N 5010 notebook with 1.0 GB ATI video card and 500 GN SATA hard disk with i5 processor I want to use WinXP in my system instead of Win7 I have downloaded winxp with SATA drivers from internet but when I start the WinXP CD it statrs after initial winXP file loading when screen comes to press F8 to continue to winxp setup but it won\'t start. Can you help in this regards. I will be very thankfull to you for your early response. Thanking you. With regards, Ashok Kumar Sharma ashokkumarsharmagzb@gmail.com

[2011-08-19] mahvish says:
i wannt mark 5010i usb driver

[2011-10-13] tamazirt says:
NB200 XP: Intel Matrix Storage

[2011-11-30] babiangborlang says:
I want to a device for burning a blank disc

[2011-12-28] Vince says:
Great guide, but you should probably update it a little b/c the driver packs are now downloaded as a \\\"xxxx.torrent\\\" file, so you\\\'ll need a torrent client like \\\"Utorrent\\\" to actually download and convert the file to a xxxxx.7z file B4 you can move on w/ the steps.

[2012-02-13] mehdi says:
carte son

[2012-04-09] dante says:
were can i find the driver TOSHIBA NB200-10L FOR XP,, please?

[2012-05-16] luke says:
hi there where can i get a driver for an acer aspir 5533 w-lan driver , well all drivers

[2016-03-06] vicky says:
I want to a device for burning a blank disc - why not just save an Iso with an ISO Creator

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